Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HIstory Repeating.

if everyone in the world understood eachother, life would be significantly less interesting.
i'll let you think you're in an exclusive little club and you know what's in my mind, but unless i tell you, you don't know what's up.
while you feel all high and mighty, it won't bug me, because you don't know my head. people that talk about me, or anyone, i'm just going to let you be...because the only reason you're doing it at all is because you are in my past, and there's a reason for that.

i guess i've learned once someone decides to walk out on you, you just gotta let them go. whatever you think you're doing, i hope it works. i'm moving on, and i need to remember that so many people forget how to use common sense, and what can i do?

I Always Knew

"I've lived my life inside daydream lies,
imaginary friends that always knew, knew, one day I'd leave, leave, for good.
I'll give away this girl who tried to make you fall in love, uh huh
I'll give her to, to, you so keep her close, close to you.
So you won't forget about how she loved you so long ago once upon a time.
Now she has grown, grown up, and you can't take, take it back

A lullaby won't change my mind, and I won't ever go back to that.
I will stay true, true to this belief that we've changed for the best through this.

Separate the ones who know you
from the ones who couldn't bother to see you for all that you are.
And deep down I always knew all the times I thought that I loved you,
it was just an easy answer, It was make believe,
but I still believe that this heart, heart will learn to love."
Tilly and the Wall.

One day, i will do this.