Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sweet sweet sweet.
Mosquitoes follow you for all the sugar in your blood, the little bastards, it's mine all mine.
Still, nothing about you is sugar coated;
(you're everything impossible)
you smell like smoke and strawberries.

My blood is dull blue, too much sunshine in all these days, or maybe not enough.
Your sugar melts in my mouth like the light through the clouds.
(i'm cheezy and i love it)
and you love it, i can tell.

1 comment:

  1. your writing is so beautiful. typically i'm the type who reads and then says nothing, moving on to another bit of lyric. but i feel ya girl and i dig your stuff. and because i'm the type who rarely says a thing i'm gonna be a coward and do this a nony mously. but i want you to know there is someone reading your stuff and it's good. also i'm a crazy insomniac so ignore the rude time stamp! write write write some more and i will read.