Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a poem paints one thousand pictures:

swollen fingers, eraser snakes,
sewing needles in my spine.
neon signs say i'm going nowhere,
everytime you sing you save my life.

bright white smiles with malicious intent,
leaving home in little girl's shoes,
scared of a touch, of a smirk, of a scent
i'm ripping off eyelashes in my sleep.

i lay down still, and i listen to
the vibrations in the earth,
the vibrations in my veins
figure eights like a hummingbird's wings
infinity, and so on, and so it goes.

small hearts drawn on skyscrapers,
invisible to sheep
we'd be living under a ferris wheel
until the earth
us free.

death should be far away from you
attatched to the skin of the earth
but doomsday's breathing down your neck
and you're floating, and i'm cursed.

are all
with death.

peeling the skin off my eyelids
peeling the paint off the walls
lusterdust and moonlight legs
we're infinity, and so on, so it goes.

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