Monday, October 12, 2009

Promise me she's not your world.

I'm the kind of person that builds a wall high and strong around myself, a wall you can't jump - I know what I believe in, i am fierce, I will not take your shit and I will not let you walk on me. There's a few cracks, but it will take a lot to knock this wall down. I'm proud of that. But we all have our faults...the wall that surrounds me, it has a window. And sometimes I leave it unlocked, a little too easy to get in...cause once you're in, you can destroy me from the inside out.

Once you sweet talk your way in through that little hole, once I open up to you and you're open to me, maybe I'll love you. I'll love you, and you'll love me...We'll sit and look out that window at the stars. But one thing here, the crucial thing: as long as I love you, you can destroy me. You can rip me to peices, drive me insane, kill me, kill me kill me. As long as I love you, you're in. But when you love me...I can do the same to you. But I won't.

That's the glory of true love. It's not kisses and hearts and happily ever afters Cinderella-style; it's the ability to completely destroy eachother. And having that ability, and not abusing it, and trusting the other person to keep you whole; please put that back where you found it you can look but don't touch don't get the window half stuck shut; it's that mutual, horrible power.

At least to me. I'm not sure what the moral of this story is. 

a⋅nal⋅o⋅gy [uh-nal-uh-jee]
a comparison of two things, one familiar, one less known, used to make the less known thing more understandable.

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