Monday, January 4, 2010

bittersweet cardboard love

i'm in pieces, but whatever, right?

I rant and I cry and then I try and make it up to you,
It's all I ever do, and I really never meant it anyways.
But usually I'm laughing and I'd like to keep it that way,
The sore cheeks and tummyache kind of smiles,
Hour after hour after hour, because of you.

I'm the queen of run on sentences and I love it, and I hate capitalizing the letter i and usually I don't but it's way too late to worry about that kind of stuff.

I'm actually very sure that you should be laying/lying sleeping next to me and I should be sleeping too, but you're not, so I'm going to go paint space and shake from the cold because I won't put a sweater on, because you keep telling me I should.

Sometimes things just aren't meant to flow and tonight is one of those nights.

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