Thursday, January 21, 2010

I mean, I cry too

Even when the salt dries tight on my skin,
and i haven't slept in almost three days,
and gravity is suddenly worse than the weight of the world.

I only have four sleeping pills left.
Lay down with me.

You're a magician, and i can see the stars.
It's dark but the blue light of the sky is making your eyes shine,
my face shine.
It's cold but it's pretty when i can see my breath, i think.

I mean, that's how i'd like it to be,
but i'm just on my bedroom floor with a headache,
and you're at work where i can't talk to you.
I guess i'll just take off my jacket and drag myself to bed,
and i'll lay in a haze until my phone rings at 2:12 in the morning, and you,
you'll sing me to sleep.

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