Friday, February 26, 2010


soft clearwhite skin,
blackbead eyes
no match for a vulture eye
i used to scream in my sleep.

and i would lay my face on its skin
like it were mine
cling to the coldwhite fur
they would scream.

footsteps and i'd hide
i'm asleep but i can feel
the skin on my hands
like the skin down the hall

marble eyes watching
haunting my dreams
yellow teeth bared
and i'd scream.

1 comment:

  1. i could have made this better but i'm stuck.
    a memory from an old home that's gone now, i was maybe seven and this old dead-polar-bear-rug-thing with it's head facing the door of my bedroom was the dark soul of the house. it scared me to death but when i laid down on it i could see over the balcony to most of the first floor. these words don't do it justice.