Tuesday, February 16, 2010

six second stories

0. second period generic math class
thirty students ignoring math
everyone sits in the same generic room in matching desks
their worlds are as familiar as the galaxy.
i look around.

1. water like mirrors.
i'm supposed to see through you, why can't i see through you?
i swear i'm the queen of all things bad, or was
i'm supposed to frighten you, no one's listening...

2. We're important, our problems, they're important
we're royalty in our worlds, the guilded age of lunatics.
of course all of this has a meaning.
we'll sit in the dusty sunlight
we'll talk about it.

3. your words are sweet but they're rotting my teeth.
(don't lie to me)
i'm up past three and you're killkilling me
(i promise i love you)
(i promise)

4. the lines on your lips aren't impressing anyone
wipe the words off your face
wipe the stains off your cheeks.
you're lost but we're all lost,
no one cares about your problems, no one notices either.

5. i don't want to fight i don't want to fight just listen to me just let me talk this through hear my story, this isn't about your or me i'm just tired of dealing with everything i'm worn out i'm worn down and i'm crying but just listen to me, i have something to say, i have to say something and it's stuck in my mind i'm stuck in my own mind but that's the way it always will be here and i need to get out but i can't 'cause i'm stuck, i'm stuck, i'm stuck.

6. splitting headaches fixed with sugar lips
i'm happy all the time
my place is here and now
i'm home.